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~ Adam Moore's "Super Evo" ~
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2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX SSL, (EVO IX) New at Munk Race Fab Adam Moore's Dual Purpose Street Driven 900 horse power "Super Evo" project is under way at the shop. Angelo & Doug have designed a 10 point roll cage formed from 4130 Cromoly tube & tig wielded to a custom fabricated 4130 tube sub frame. Custom strut bracing, chute mount, fuel system mounting & drive shaft/axle safety loops are being built to exceed NHRA 8:50 specs in anticipation of 8 second quarter mile times. Babo (Jed) will be handling paint chores. Please check back frequently. Website will continue to be updated as this wicked blue car evolves.

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A few things have changed with the Evo project since it rolled into Munk Race Fab, what started as a simple cage install has turned into a complete re-engineering of the little car. The car was stripped to a complete bare shell in order to start with a fresh slate, then the late night brainstorming sessions started. One of the biggest changes to the project was the decision to ditch the manual transmission in favor of an automatic transmission. The evolution never came with an automatic trans in the US so it's not an "off the shelf" swap, David Buschur of Buschur Racing in Wakeman OH has taken on the task of making such a swap reality. The transmission is still in the testing faze and after rough early going is finally starting to shine, it will be a game changer for sure.

Another big change has to do with the turbo kit on the car, after looking at how the system was laid out from the factory ways were found to make it better. The ETS 5" core will stay but the end Click Here tanks and piping will be custom Munk pieces, eliminating the silicone couplers and making the pipes as short as possible to help spool and power. The decision was made to go with 4" exhaust from the turbo back, something that's not very common with evo builds. There will be two systems made, one out of lightweight stainless going all the way back to the factory exit, including a burns stainless muffler. The second will be a "racing" exhaust which will consist of a 4" downpipe made of titanium exiting out the bumper, v-bands will make the swaps between the two easy enough. Wastegate dumps will be routed out the hood vent for ease of install and just a plain overall badass look. All the systems on the car will be getting the Munk touch: Fuel, Electrical, Brakes, Body, Powertrain and even Paint. Not a lot will be left factory when he's done, which is just how he likes it.

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(EVO IX) SSL is the build code for the optioned out model with leather. What started out as a basic turbo replacement soon turned into a full build with 8sec aspirations! After running mid 11's on the stock turbo, stock block 4g63 it was decided that more power was needed. A bigger turbo was ordered and the car was taken apart, then the words every man wants to hear were said by the wife "Hey while we have the car this far apart why don't we build the engine so we won't have to worry about it with the extra power?" the craziness starts soon thereafter. A goal was set to be the quickest/fastest evo in california, to do it while retaining the functionality of the car and to set a standard of what a FAST evo should look like...no ricer stuff here. After a few lengthy conversations with his friend Eric Urness the direction of the engine build was decided along with a turbo selection. The engine came out and was sent to S&H Auto Machine in Fortuna CA where it was built to Adam's specs:

  • Long Rod 2.0 4g63
  • 156mm Manley Turbo tuff rods
  • Custom 10:1 JE coated pistons
  • Ported head
  • Balance shafts eliminated
  • ACL race bearings
  • ARP hardware used throughout (L19 studs in head)
  • GSC S3 cams
  • Blox adjustable cam gear on exhaust side, factory Mivec gear on intake
  • Kiggly beehive springs and HLA regulator
  • AMS F1 Intake manifold
  • 75mm Boomba billet throttle body
  • Fluidamper
  • Gates timing belt
Click Here 12AN fittings fit to valvecover for elimination of PCV system and better block venting.
The turbo setup on the car will be built by Eric Urness and consist of a custom front facing manifold and a T4 twinscroll Borg Warner EFR9180. The EFR series is a brand new venture from BW and this will be one of the first front facing setups in the country. Full-Race was contacted and the 9180 put on order, more info on the turbo can be found here: www.full-race.com The custom kit will be mated to a Greddy Ti-R full titanium exhaust.
Fueling is being handled by a custom fuel system running a 15gal cell, Twin weldon pumps and -AN lines. Fuel injectors are FIC 2150cc high impedance injectors and the car will run on E85 exclusively. The car will run on the factory ECU with a speed density conversion. Tuning will be handled by Bryan Medway, a factory ECU tuning master.
The Drivetrain needed some attention as well, John Shepherd of www.sheptrans.com was given the task of rebuilding the trans and t-case to handle big power.
Click Here Trans was rebuilt with Shep's Ultimate Ratio package using both evo VIII and evo IX gearsets for optimum RPM drop durring shifts, a Tilton twin carbon clutch is used to put the power down and a two piece aluminum driveline replaces the factory 3 piece steel unit. Custom drag coilovers and Driveshaft shop stage 5 axles and 3" ARP studs round out the drivetrain mods.
With 8sec goals and 900+whp a very real possibility Munk Race Fab was chosen to do the chassis work and rollcage. A custom NHRA certified cage was planned by Angelo and Doug, something that would be above and beyond NHRA 8.50 spec while still keeping the car livable for everyday driving and of course taking the kids to school. Along the way there were some custom Munk additions to the project such as a vintage air heater to keep the car street friendly in the winter, custom intercooler piping, chute mount and brake plumbing to name a few. Paintwork is being handled by Jed Hess.

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